New Logo!

Well, I’m thrilled that the child theme is working correctly, and I finally have a new logo!  I was delighted with what was presented to me (I DID pay for the work!), and even more delighted that I have been able to modify and work with the design!

I took a fantastic  last fall at Stitches East with Amy Gunderson from Universal Yarn, Creative Crochet Charting, in which I learned a beginning foundation about working with Inkscape, a fantastic FREE drawing program.  And so, tah-dah…I have been able to manipulate my beautiful new logo just enough to create my new site header to my specifications!

Now, I need new business cards, and I need to continue to upload all the patterns and pictures that I lost in the transition to this hosting provider.  It’s a slow process, but I’m excited about the improvements I’m making!

Child Theme

I am the first to admit that I am truly NOT a web designer!  Jewelry designer – yes, , crochet designer – yes, but web designer – no!  However, this time around I am trying to do a better job!  So, I have finally learned how to create a “Child Theme” for my site.  Why” What does that mean?  Well, I can’t explain it exactly, but it has something to do with trying to be sure that updates to my framework of my theme can be applied without destroying my site.  Took a lot of reading, and very careful following of directions, but voila!  It’s done!  A good way to spend a snowy morning!

Now, I have to figure out the best way to make updates, and I can start reloading pictures of my work!v  Have a great day – stay warm!

Lost website!

Unbelievable!  I switched hosting providers, and zigged when I should have zagged, and lost my entire website! So, all my pictures, all my posts, all my patterns, everything – GONE!

I’m now rebuilding, slowly, step by step.  Please be patient…it will take awhile to get back up and running!