Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Blue

This afternoon my son and the love of his life got married in front of a volcano in Costa Rica! On Monday, when they take pictures in front of a waterfall there, Maggie will have some special things to wear with her wedding gown – you’ve gotta have the Old – New – Borrowed & Blue, right?

For the “old”, I gave her a ‘floating’ Pearl necklace that my husband gave me years ago;
something old

for the ‘new’ a crystal and pearl bracelet I made for her,

something new

and I combined ‘borrowed and blue’ and left her a gorgeous blue chiffon scarf/shawl hand drawn by my friend Kristin Omdahl, from

borrowed & Blue

You can order one for yourself here… Borrowed & Blue Scarf

Congratulations Ben & Maggie!

Mr & Mrs 9-5-15Mr & Mrs 2 9-5-15



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  1. Congratulations! What wonderfully happy news! You’ve gained a daughter. Many blessings to Maggie and Ben, and of course congrats to the one-laws, too!

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